I am rejuvenated each and every visit

I have been blessed to return to Kenya five times now and my intention is to return annually for as long as God allows. Each time I am rejuvenated by the outpouring of love and generosity by our mission team, our global staff and our Kenya family. I truly love them dearly and miss them terribly when I am away but long for my return. This year, I had the privilege of bringing a longtime friend from Switzerland and her husband. It was a joy to watch them engage and value this journey.

In addition, the opportunity for me to spend quality time with my Godson Ekaale Malone after I brought him into HOH last January 2018. To see firsthand how our children have grown and how filled with joy and life they are warms my soul and fills my spirit immeasurably. My passion is renewed and I return to the states planning my next visit and wanting to get the word out to all I know for SERV growth and support, like feeding the hungry and sponsoring our children. I enjoy every aspect of the journey, but especially our visits to local villages and our time with HOH children and staff. Moses is a true light to the world and such a blessing.

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