Why Cambodia?

If I'm being honest, Cambodia was never on my radar of places to go on a mission trip! I told the Lord I would go wherever He sent me, so when a friend asked me to join him in Cambodia, I couldn't resist! And my life has never been the same! After that trip a ministry was born and we now have 25 sponsored children that attend private school and receive discipleship training and assistance for their families with medical care and other needs. We have English classes for 80 children, a church and so much more.

But, as much as those programs and numbers bring me great satisfaction, what really keeps me going back year after year is the people! I have grown to love them in such a deep way that I can't even explain. They are like family, my sisters and my children. They are friends. They are sojourners and I wish I could "do life" more with them.

So, if you ask me why Cambodia, I'll tell you that God asked me to go there and tell his children about His love for them. I did. And I have experienced that love and it has changed me forever.

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