Kenya Jan 2018

This was my fourth trip to Kenya with SERV. Each and every trip strengthens my faith journey and my commitment to SERV and the good works we are doing to impact Kenya. I intend to return to Kenya many more times with SERV as they are part of my heart and soul. We are always welcomed back with loving, open arms, song and dance. Our young people at House of Hope stole my heart and they are all my children, regardless of who I sponsor. It has always been my opinion since the first trip that the work SERV does in Kenya has helped Kenya to grow and thrive. To now experience the growth at Mama Mercy's in the slums, growth in the villages (many with wells and churches), and the growth and leadership by our House of Hope staff and young people. I started calling them young people because many of our first generation are growing up and already setting a fine example of leadership for the future generations. The entire House of Hope always welcome in new children in a loving, nurturing manner and it is very heart warming to experience that. I am so proud of the works we do and the love that is returned to me from Kenya.

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