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August 23 will mark the 13th Anniversary of my family's arrival to this great nation, The United States of America. On this day, my wife and our two kids, Benking and Meghan arrived in Atlanta, not knowing what the future would have for us. We had never travelled outside of Kenya as a family and to have landed here was a testing point, more so a culture shock.
Our arrival here was an act of God honoring his principal of seed reproducing after its own kind, we had learned to give as new believers and had two years prior to our coming had given our savings to a family that had needed funds to help them immigrate to the U.S on a Greencard visa. The Lord honored His principle and we also became recipients of the Greencard.
I have over these years been able to look back and acknowledge that God has blessed my family immensely, we have since settled and naturalized our American citizenship and been beneficiaries of many blessings. God is good. It can be easy me or my family to settle into the comforts of an American life and forget those in the motherland who lack the basic necessities FOOD WATER SHELTER. We may sprinkle our lawns with water all night, fill our trash cans with unconsumed foods, leave our front doors open as we go to bed and never think about those who die for lack of water, insecurity or failed crops.
I am seeking your support to enable me go to theTurkana community because I have a very deep sense of guilt that when my kids were young and poor feeders, I would sing them about Turkana kids who were starving and would appreciate this meal that would end up in trash. I know there is a need and we may not all have the courage to go to this isolated community but your support will make a big difference. The Kenyan way of fundraising is the HARAMBEE, you send your donation however small but you challenge those around you to give to this mission. It means more when a lot of people pool together and raise the $4000 than one person writing a whole check.
I pray the Lord blesses you and answers your prayer for being a part of my trip.
Benson Kinyua

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