An Experience of a Lifetime.

My name is Obafemii "Obie" Hawk and I am an International Recording Artist, and Songwriter that goes by the name, Obie One B.A. I had the opportunity to serve on a mission trip in 2011 in Swaziland, South Africa. Stepping off the plane knowing that you are in Africa for the first time is an amazing experience. Most people only see Africa from television. I kissed the ground and was grateful to be in the Motherland.
Every morning we woke up at about 5 a.m. and drove about 2 hours to our assigned school. The first few days our focus was planting gardens for many of the students that were orphans. There were already crops planted, but we created more areas to plant. To dig through the ground was a task because the soil was so hard with rocks the size of boulders. However, we managed to plant fruits and vegetables. We also had opportunities to sing, dance, play games, and speak to the children about Christ. Those children blessed my life so with their spirits that I didn’t want to leave. We were able to visit the children in their classrooms where they sang songs for us. We had a clothes drive where every child was able to get clothes and shoes. Every day at the school was an amazing experience. The most memorable moment for me was not until the final days of our trip. Everything we did the first week in Swaziland led us up to the event called Litsemba, which means hope. Toward the end of this event the preacher concluded his sermon with an alter call. He asked every child that wanted a relationship with Jesus to raise their hand and come forth. At the very moment, over 400 children came willingly and open handed to the call of Jesus. It was a very emotional and overwhelming moment.
Overall nothing can compare to this experience. I was totally blessed to be able to be a blessing to the people of Swaziland. Being able to give food, clothes, perform, and share love through speaking was enough to fill my heart with joy. Bonding, learning African words, and all the relationships built were all precious memories. I pray that my presence will have a lasting impression on the boys and girls that I came across, because they have made one in my heart. This trip wasn’t about music or performing, it was about being a true servant for the Lord and His people. So overall this trip opened my eyes to the world and the hearts of those outside of USA.

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