Why I'm Blessed to Be Here... And Why I Need YOUR Help!

I was a premature baby, born 11 weeks early. At birth, I weighed 2 lbs. & 5 ounces. Against all odds, I made it into this world to shine the Light of Jesus. I realized that I am blessed to be alive and to have these opportunities, and for this reason I have decided to devote my life to Christ because without Him, I would not even have a life to devote. Despite all I've done in my life that displeases Him, He decides to love me anyways and continue to bless me with this life I have. I realize there are many in this world that are not as privileged as I am, and I wish to give them the opportunities that I have, in any way I can, especially spiritually. In the spring of 2016, I found myself in a dark place. My girlfriend and I had broken up, my grandfather passed away, I learned that my grandma had cancer, and I nearly broke my ankle (there was severe bone bruising and some ligament damage). All of these things occurred within about a month of each other. I was depressed and did not know what to do. After struggling for a bit with why I had been put in this position, I prayed for guidance from God to tell me where to go and what steps I might take to focus less on the negativity of my situation and more on whatever He planned for me to see. One day, as I sat on my bed praying in my dorm, The Lord answered me and simply said, "Get up and walk." I hopped off my dorm bed onto the floor and walked around on my screwed up ankle with little to no pain, even though just a few days before at the orthopedic clinic I was told it could take many weeks before I was able to walk without crutches. God had performed a physical miracle for me in front of my eyes. I soon learned that He would cure my grandmother's cancer. I was better able to handle the fact that my grandpa had passed, because he was in heaven living in peace. In terms of the girlfriend situation, I learned to give my life more to Christ and focus less on what I wanted and more of what He wanted for me. I soon lost the loneliness that came with being single, and found a joy that came with the community God blessed me with that following summer. The friendships I made at Camp All-American that summer changed my life, and many of the friends I made are now my best friends. I could not be more blessed to see the way that God took my dark situation and miraculously turned it completely around. I therefore wish to bring this hope to others, the hope that comes with a knowledge of how powerful our Father is and how able He is to work any miracle in our lives in any way. He has no limitations. Given that He has no limitations, I am very excited to see what He does through SERV International this summer in Kenya. I am again very blessed to be a part of this opportunity, but I need your help. If you can spare anything, and I mean ANYthing in terms of covering monetary expenses for my trip, that would be highly appreciated and you would be making an eternal impact. All donations are tax-deductible. Thanks!

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