Juliana's Costa Rica Mission Trip

Ever since Juliana was really little she has always had the deepest desire to go on a mission trip. Unfortunately timing was never right and the right doors never seemed to open up to give her that opportunity. Just recently though, that door has finally been opened and her excitement has been out of this world! So on March 31, my sweet baby girl will be headed to Costa Rica on her very first mission trip for 9 days to spread the love of Jesus! From the minute she heard about this trip, her mind was made up, she had to go! She has poured her all into every detail of planning things out, & trying to figure out how to raise money. She has designed these shirts all on her own and she is selling them for $25 in order to raise money for her trip. They come in 4 different colors, and sizes small to XXL. If you would like a shirt just let me know what color & size.

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