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SERV Local is serving SERV Food Local by helping distribute boxes to those who pre-ordered as well as those who will receive a donated box.

We will meet at the SERV Offices at 9am for donuts and a short orientation, at 9:30am we will begin unloading boxes from the truck and preparing the boxes for pick up to those who pre-ordered.

From 10am-11am it's all hands on deck!  As people pull through SERV, we will hand them their box and minister to them. 

At 11am, any boxes not picked up and donated items will be collected.  We will then drive 5-10 minutes to an apartment complex nearby. This is an amazing outreach opportunity as we deliver the boxes to families in need.  Starting with FOOD FIRST, SERV has seen hundreds led to an eternity with our Lord and Savior!  Your partnerships with SERV Local could be life-changing for those you encounter.

What is SERV Food local? 

SFL is a for-profit organization, uniquely created to impact lives locally and to bring awareness to SERV's impact globally. 

We’re redefining cooperative food buying by partnering with local ministries and organizations to build community and help alleviate the rising cost of food. By going directly to the growers and distributers, we pass a huge savings on to our customers. ONLY $40/BOX! 

Our food is the same premium quality food you would buy at your local grocery store. Hand-packed in a sturdy box at a $60 - $70 value. A 30% - 40% savings.

When is SERV Food Local?

Customers make orders and SFL will distribute the boxes ordered on the last Saturday of the month to each SERV Site.  April 28th will kick off our first month of SERV Food Local and distribution time will vary depending on the "SERV Site."  (For the SERV Store, we will be distributing from 10am-11am).

Where is SERV Food Local?

SFL will have several "SERV Sites" where the food is being distributed to the customers. Churches and organizations interested in becoming a SERV Site will contact Greg Poole at [email protected] The SERV Store is a "SERV Site" where people who have pre-ordered a box can come pick it up. 

This is where we need your help! 

Regardless of what it is, your SERVice will have lasting benefits in our SERV Store and Office, as well as to the Ends of the Earth as we use FOOD as a platform to see lives changed and people impacted.

For more information, visit our website or contact us at [email protected]

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