Kenya February 2020 - Revolution Church

Terms and Conditions

Applicants for this team / trip must be 18 years of age or older. Adult male and female SERV leaders will be on all teams / trips. All applications, waivers, and medical forms must be filled out and signed. Applicant must hold a valid USA Passport with an expiration date of no sooner than six months from the dates of the trip. Trip fees include all global and in country airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, food, ministry projects, airport entrance and exit fees when applicable, trip insurance, safari, and SERV admin fees. Not included are meals in airports upon departure and arrival, souvenirs applicant wishes to purchase, passport fees, e-visa fees, and any required immunizations or travel medications needed. Each applicant travels at their own risk, and must notify SERV and team leads of any and all medical issues, allergies, medications prior to trip. 

Applicant is responsible for the entire trip amount due and all funds must be paid in full prior to departure date. Fundraising is all part of this amazing journey and SERV can assist with fundraising ideas, letter templates, and other fundraising opportunities. *Any amount above and over your trip cost that is fundraised will go into the ONE Fund to directly support SERV International's food, water, shelter, and life global projects and programs. Being a registered 501C3 non profit, no refunds are allowed or available for any funds raised by applicant. Deposits must be paid on each deposit due date listed in description. 

Applicant knows in advance that during trip dates that access to all social media, email, text and all communication will prohibited except for use of SERV in country mobile phone for occasional calls as needed. Applicant phones are allowed only on airplane mode for picture taking and listening to music. IF applicant is caught on social media, text...applicant phone may be taken by team lead and kept safely until end of trip. We ask to unplug from the world to be present and not to miss any of what God has in store on this awesome journey and opportunity for the applicant and to not be a distraction for trip team mates. All family members back home will be given emergency contact information to reach you if needed. 

Applicant must attend a minimum of two team meetings held at SERV leading up to the trip dates. ALL trip and team information is covered in the advance team meetings, it is very important to attend all meetings if possible. There will be a total of four to five team meetings prior to trip. 

No alcohol consumption or recreational drugs allowed. No firearms allowed. Applicant will go through a re-entry process upon returning home to help with a smooth transition to normal life. These trips are life changing in many ways, the sights, smells, experiences will be with you your entire life. #FoodWaterShelterLife

I understand that the SERV International management has the authority to change trip dates, reschedule the trip, or even canceled the trip in the event of natural disasters, in-country violence or war, political unrest, or other acts beyond our control. Safety of our staff and teams come first.