Kenya February 2020 - Revolution Church


Opportunity Overview

SERV and Revolution Church will be going to Kenya in February and we want YOU to join us! We will be going to Kenya to do ministry such as feeding events, spend time with our House of Hope children and staff, and experiencing central, western, northern and southern Kenya as a team! Ending the trip with an amazing safari in the Masai Mara with some amazing re-entry devotions and more. We can't wait for you to join us! For any questions or concerns, contact the Mission Coordinator at [email protected]

*Trip dates and meeting dates are subject to change until team is finalized

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Cost: $4,000.00

Application Fee: $100.00

Milestone Amount Due Date
Payment 1 $100.00
Payment 3 $1,000.00
Payment 4 $1,000.00
Payment 5 $1,000.00
Payment 2 $900.00
Name Description Location Date Required?
Meeting #1 Intro Meeting: Vaccinations explained, Overview of Packing List, Calendar, Expectations, Etc. SERV International Offices 3145 Marietta Hwy Canton, GA 30114 Nov 11 2019 5:30 PM EST Yes
Meeting #2 Detailed explanation of calendar, packing lists, etc. SERV International Offices 3145 Marietta Hwy Canton, GA 30114 Dec 9 2019 5:30 PM EST Yes
Meeting #3 Final packing details, last minute questions, prayer SERV International Offices 3145 Marietta Hwy Canton, GA 30114 Jan 6 2020 5:30 PM EST Yes
Form Description Due Date Required?
Release Forms to Officially Sign Please sign these forms and scan them back in or email them to [email protected] We legally need a hand-signed copy. Required
Passport (Color Copy of Current USA Passport) Required
Kenya eVisa Approval Send in all required information and wait to be approved Required
Yellow Travel Immunization Card Required
Travel Insurance Required
  1. Passport
  2. Shots
  3. Kenya Visa
  1. Must be over 18
  2. Must be willing to "unplug" from internet/phone usage
  3. Follow Appropriate Dress Code
  1. Team Meetings
  2. Fundraising

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Mission Coordinator
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