Kenya College Age Mission Team Chakula June 7 - 18


Megan Connelly Kenya Mission

By Megan Connelly on 5/12/2017

Hello everyone! My name is Megan Connelly. I will going on my first...

Why I'm Blessed to Be Here... And Why I Need YOUR Help!

By Brennan Hale on 2/20/2017

I was a premature baby, born 11 weeks early. At birth, I weighed 2 ...

Abigail Paul

By Abigail Paul on 2/9/2017

G. A. G. F. F. A. G. H. D. A. F. G. Y. E. A. C. Kk n be kk kkdbak...

Kenya Bound

By Summer Freeman on 2/6/2017

So for 3 years I have been called to Africa to shine the light and ...